Tuesday, March 14, 2017


So I'll be opening  commissions now! Here's the price for commissions I'm doing. Keep in mind I'm only doing point commissions so please drop by my DA to do a commission. I'm only doing  felines and canines. Also you need to pay first before I do the character.

Sketched Animal or full headshot: 10 points

Lineart with no color: 20 points

Black lineart with color: 30 points

Lineless: 35 points

Lineless in background: 40 points

Lineart in background: 35 points

Monday, February 27, 2017


Welcome To Lupin's Blog

Hello, and welcome dear readers of this brand new blog! If you're interested in Animal Jam Play Wild, and just animals in general, then this is the place! I'll be posting art, and some Animal Jam stuff too. I'm open to conversation. And I love reading comments!

Some Facts About Me

- Born on October 31st
-born in Thailand
-I now live in the U.S.
- I plan to become a digital artist
- I'm not religious
- I'm female, but I don't really care to what I'm referred to

Other Ways to Contact Me

- Email: 123lupinthewolf1@gmail.com
Qfeast: Lupin.The.Wolf
DeviantArt: FallenShardTheCat

Aaand that's 'bout it. I'm not that good of a writer, so expect some short blogs.